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Kent Smedley
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Professional Guitar Instruction, Proven Results
Kent is one of the best in
the biz. He is well versed in
all forms of music, from
Classical to Jazz. I have
known Kent for over 20
years and would highly
recommend him for any  
playing or teaching
situation.  Kent would be an
asset to any program or
musical situation he is
involved with.
Dustin Barber
Guitarist for the Al Green
Kent is not only a very
talented player, his teaching
skills are exceptional. His
years of experience have
taught him how to get the
most out of his students,
without making them feel
frustrated or condescended to.
I studied Classical Guitar with
Kent for 2 years, and my
daughter took lessons with
him for a year- during that
time we both improved greatly!
Brian Rowland P.A.
We had a great experience
with Kent as our son's guitar
instructor. Under Kent's
guidance Kyle learned a great
deal of style, technique and
theory for both Classical and
Rock Guitar. We found Kent
to be encouraging and
supportive, as well as a great
example for musicians. Kyle
earned high grades in the
guitar program at Douglas
Anderson School of the Arts,
and Kent certainly deserves
the credit for this! We highly
recommend Kent for guitar
instruction. Please feel free to
contact me for additional
information or references.
Gene Johnson
When our daughter began
studying with Kent in middle
school she had already taken
lessons from several other
instructors, but was frustrated
with her lack of progress.
From the first day of lessons
with Kent-and this is
not and
exaggeration- we noticed
immediate improvement. By
high school, under Kent's
tutelage, she became the first
non-music major at Douglas
Anderson School of the Arts
to have a song selected for
the school's annual CD.
Our daughter,Rebecca Day,
continued working on her
music and now works full-time
as a singer, songwriter, and  
performer in the
Jacksonville,FL area.
I can honestly say that without
Kent, our daughter's musical
journey would likely not have
had the outcome she has
Any aspiring musician who is
willing to work hard, and
fortunate enough to find an
instructor as gifted as Kent,
can realize a dream! I can't
say enough good things about
him as a teacher or as a
person, He is the very best!
Kay B. Day
Are you looking for a Professional Guitar Instructor,
with a proven track record of helping students
achieve their musical goals, to help you reach yours?

Are you looking for a Guitar Instructor who will show
you how to get the most out of your playing, quickly
and efficiently?

Do you want a solid musical foundation for yourself,
or your child, that will last a lifetime?

Are you frustrated with the progress you haven't been
making with your current, or past, Guitar Instructor(s)?

Would you like to study with a formally trained Guitar
Instructor who will show you a straight-forward and
direct path to reach your own unique musical goals?

If any of the above describes your own musical     
        situation, contact me at:
(904)993-8728, or
I have been teaching and performing
professionally for nearly 30 years, and have
helped 1000's of students of all ages and levels of
achievement reach their musical dreams.

Whether you are a beginner just getting started,
an intermediate player looking for clear direction
to improve your playing, or an advanced player in
search of a solid path to help you reach your full
potential; I can help you!

For Beginning Guitarists I can:
1)Give you a solid foundation that will allow you    
to improve quickly and consistently.
2)Get you playing the music you
want to play        
3)Make learning to play the Guitar easier and        
 more fun than you ever thought it could be!

For Intermediate Guitarists I will help you to:
1)Clearly define your musical goals.
2)Show you a direct path to reach these goals.
3)Answer any and all questions you may have,      
 correct any bad habits you may have, and            
 guide you clearly and toward reaching your          

For Advanced Guitarists I will:
1)Fine-tune your technique and musicality.
2)Correct any musical and/or technical issues       
 you have.
3)Give you a very clear path to reach your full       
potential as a Guitarist and a Musician, no             
matter what style of music you play.

If you are interested in learning to play the Guitar
to the best of your, or your child's, ability please
allow me the opportunity to help. I have the skill
and experience that your are looking for.

If you are serious about your playing and are
done wasting your time and money, call me now
and let me show you what I have to offer,

                     Kent Smedley
I have been studying guitar
with Kent for 3 years now, and
my sons have been studying
with him you over 5 years. I
was apprehensive at first,
being that I had no previous
musical background and
convinced that I was a lost
With the encouragement of my
sons I decided to give it a try,
after having read that learning
a musical instrument is roughly
the mental equivalent of
exercise for the body. I
decided to try learning the
Guitar to stimulate my brain
and to relieve stress.
Since I have been taking
Guitar lessons with Kent I have:
1) Learned to read and play
music from sheet music and
2)Learned to play everything
from the rock music of Jimi
Hendrix and Santana to the
classical music of Bach and
3)And I am thoroughly
enjoying my Guitar studies,
looking forward to each week's
If Kent can teach me, he can
anyone!! Kent is a man
of outstanding character, and
offers an excellent and patient
learning atmosphere. He has
played as a Classical Guitar
Soloist and with a Quartet, with
Heavy Metal Bands, as an
Acoustic Guitar Singer and
Songwriter, and in many other
styles; and it shows in the
versatility of his instructional
Juan C. Luis-Jorge M.D.
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Kent Smedley is a
phenomenal teacher
and mentor. Not only
is he great at giving
his students the tools
to succeed in their
craft, but he helps
them achieve a
understanding of
music and entices
their will to learn. Both
of my kids, Alex Marie
and Michael, have
taken lessons from
Kent for many years,
and they couldn't
have found and
explored their talent
without him. Check
out their music at
and hear the proof for
Monique Pappas
I am grateful for Kent!
He has been a
patient teacher over
the years. His calm,
clear instruction has
allowed me to
continue to grow in
my guitar skills, even
as a 40 year old!
You're never too old
to start lessons.
Thanks Kent!
Matt Russell
Music Director at
Christian Family
Our son has taken
guitar lessons form
Kent for several
years. In that time he
has maintained his
focus enthusiasm
and love for guitar,
and we attribute our
sons' motivation to
Kent. Kent works with
our son to challenge
him to go beyond his
own expectations.
While our son loves
the guitar, it takes a
special instructor to
help the student grow
and be challenged.
We highly
recommend Kent
Marcia Howard
Kent Smedley taught
my son, Rob, guitar
for almost 9 years
beginning just before
he turned eight years
old. Kent is not only
an excellent musician
and fine teacher, but
a wonderful person.
He earns the
respect, trust,
admiration and
affection of his
students with his
ability to play any
kind of music: his
knowledge, patience
and ability to convey
technique provide
motivation for his
students to learn and
look forward to: and
his caring and
nature. I believe his
students feel
comfortable with him,
so they are able to
relax and enjoy the
learning experience,
because Kent has
the ability to put them
at ease. That is so
important when
learning anything
new. At age 23, my
son now plays in a
band while attending
college. We have
remained good
friends with Kent and
I would highly
recommend him for
anyone looking for a
quality Guitar
Rhonda Murray
Kent Smedley is a Professional
Guitar Instructor and
Performer in the Jacksonville,
FL area. Kent has been
teaching and performing
professionally in many
different styles of music  for
nearly 30 years. For more
biographical info click here:
Kent's Bio
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